Q. Who are you and what do you do?

We are Joyride Weddings. My name is Josh, I live in Avalon Sydney, and I have documented over 300 weddings over 8 years in the profession. Joyride Weddings documents weddings with a unique perspective, and aims to capture the overall feeling of your wedding day in a candid manner. Since the birth of Joyride we have filmed weddings all over Australia and have traveled to destinations such as Indonesia and America.

Q. What is your style of shooting and what should we expect on the day?

Our style of shooting is very ‘fly on the wall’. We will very rarely interrupt or direct unless absolutely need be. We look for raw emotions and shoot the day as it happens. We get along well with all of the photographers we work with as well, which we believe is very important!

Q. What is that vintage grainy footage in your videos?

It’s called super 8. It is a motion picture film format from the 1960’s. We use it as a tool to create a feel of nostalgia and timelessness in our films.

Q. Do we have to have Super 8 in our wedding film?

Absolutely not. We have done many weddings where the couple like the vibe of our videos, but not so much the look of the vintage film, which is totally cool!

Q. Can our whole wedding film be shot in Super 8?

Absolutely we would love that!

Q. Can we choose our own music?

You can choose your own music, we encourage it. Keep in mind we can’t use “Bruno Mars” and “Ed Sheeran” songs legally so your video will not be able to be published online to share without password protection. Joyride has some incredible royalty free music sources and friends that are musicians so you have many options when it comes to music!

Q. Do we get the RAW Footage

All packages (minus the elopement package) come with full Ceremony Edit and Full Speeches Edit. We can also provide you with footage of your first dance and cake on request. Bride and Groom prep and photoshoot RAW footage is not included as all the best parts are in the edit.

Q. What if we can’t afford you?

We realise wedding videos are expensive, if you feel you can’t afford us, more often than not we can make it work. We are more than happy to organise a payment plan to make it happen!

Q. Do you travel for weddings? And do you charge travel?

Yes we love traveling for weddings! And we have done many interstate and overseas weddings. We do charge travel costs depending on where the wedding is so keep this in mind.